WEEK 1 LECTURE – Introduction and Course Overview

Introduction to Project Management

Professors, lecturers, teachers and trainers can use Introduction to Project Management to train industry project delivery professionals or to teach project management students. The course has been designed, structured and delivered at a University Masters level. The 36 hour (12 individual lectures x 3 hours) courseware program provides an introduction to project management with an industry focus, complete with presentations, case studies, class activities, assessments, exams. All courseware components are easily customizable.

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For every hour of training delivery it takes hours of prep work to have quality training materials. A 36 hour (12 individual lectures x 3 hours) can easily take 1,440 hours of work. PM Lectures courseware means that this work is done for you and delivered in MS format files so that you can make changes you like; right down to using your own logo. PM Lectures gives you the confidence of walking into your training, teaching or lecturing session knowing that you are fully prepared to give a great class.

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Course Outline


  • Weeks to 12 Complete Agenda
  • Course Program Weekly
  • Overall Program


  • Main Exam
  • Deferred Exam
  • Exam Solutions


  • Individual Assignment
  • Group Assignment

Week 1 Lecture – Introduction and Course Overview

  • Agenda
  • Mind Map
  • Individual Assignment
  • Group Assignment
  • Sample Project Plan
  • Group work task – create charter